Sunday, February 19, 2017

Well Hello There!!

  So... what can I say... new beginnings are always welcome, and for me, absolutely wonderful! This is a new venture for me, to start a blog that is.  So what am I about? Well tons of things!  I am a survivor, a fighter, and most importantly a wife of 27 years, a mom of 23 years, also a photographer, artist, cook, and really fun and funky rag rug maker, let's just say I'll try any craft at least once.  I started in photography back in the early 1990's, back in the FILM days so I'm sorta a vintage photographer, if you will. And I  LOVE black and white, actually prefer it. I love Vintage Cameras and shooting film.  I own an old original Roleiflex that still shoots! As I'm working on getting my image work set up you can find my current images on my Instangram feed here: INSTAGRAM FEED
My husband and I are "owned" by a little Calico feline named Emmaline. She adopted us in 2011 at a year of age, and let me tell you life has never been the same. At the same time, I was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune lung disease called Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, the cause unknown for sure, but we feel it may have been due to taking a chemotherapy medication. Anyway, I was given 2-6 years to live in 2013 after a lung biopsy showed I had the worst progressive kind. But boy let me tell you I showed them!!! Not only have I survived this trial since 2013, my condition actually improved and then became stable, I get routine breathing tests every 6 months to track my condition and my progress and so far we've been stable. This by the Grace of God and many many prayer warriors.  However, this diagnosis has kept me pretty much home, and sweet Emmaline came into my life before this hit and has been such a treasure to have here with me. She has the most character of any cat we've had over the years. I will feature her many times in the posts to come, and I have a feeling you all will come to love her as much as we do too.

Ok so that's a good start, I'll try to keep up with this more so than I have in the past, and share the many antics of sweet Emmaline along the way too, trust me, never a dull moment.

God Bless,


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